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We help you move gradually in your Analytics maturity from Predictive to Prescriptive to AI applications

Akilityx helps you transform your Customer Experience with AI, Create an AI experience that will enable you to better engage with your customers, at scale, and extend your brand.

Akilityx examines with you the use cases, the business models and the value propositions for the application of AI technologies in your environment.

AI Driven Technologies

What we Offer

Customer Care

Drive better customer service, automate your daily iterative customer service tasks, Streamline your interaction with your customers through text-focused data-enabled chatbots. Depending on the complexity of the Bot you are looking at, Akilityx will custom-build the bots for you with the best return on investment alternatively choose the right vendor for your need and support you in the Bot training and implementation process.

Advanced personalized product recommendations

Personalization is a huge advantage to AI in customer experience. Customers expect offers to be tailored to their needs. AI and machine learning can sift through massive amount of information, track customers’ preferences, habits, and buying behaviors to find out exactly what matters to customers and make suggestions and recommendation on products and services to create a fully personalized experience.

Advanced real time Customer Insights

AI has changed how companies get customer insights.
AI algorithms can segment target groups based on multiple variables. AI can find trends and predict what customers will want in the future. Only Predictive modelling solutions with AI at their core can be used for customer micro-segmentation, unify all incoming customer data and use its insights to orchestrate decisions in real time.