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Extract instant insight from data through intelligent Search technologies powered by Machine Learning and AI

Akilityx helps organizations move a step further in the process of digitalization, generate and continuously refine knowledge from the multitude of scattered data sources within and outside their boundaries through autonomous machine learning algorithms.

Intelligent Data Insight

What we Offer

Knowledge management

Akilityx helps organizations unify information across organizational silos and automatically discover meaning in data and documents without changing or replicating the original data sitting in their preferred systems. We use out of the box connectors to generate a new source of knowledge and pertinent information through intelligent linkage and, we automate and personalize the delivery of the information through machine learning algorithms.
With such intelligent knowledge at the user’s fingertips, organizations are further empowered and productivity transformed.

Intelligent Enterprise Search

Akilityx helps organizations go beyond a standard search box providing a result list but rather provide organizations with an intelligent and state of the art search experience.
Organizations will have the capabilities to uncover, organize and semantically analyze data to allow existing information to be interactively enriched hence continuously providing relevant information and real time accurate insights from the search experience.
By integrating every data source into one continuously learning platform and leveraging natural language processing, machine learning and analytics, we help organizations create new opportunities and drive operational efficiencies by harnessing the massive amounts of information in a digital area.

360-Degree views of content

Akilityx helps organizations further refine their search experience and provide them with a 360-degree view of topics and content to better understand relationships between elements and get a complete picture of every search topic, content result and user’s behaviors.
Akilityx offers autonomous AI algorithms that create personalized users profiles, learn from the user’s daily routines and provide additional relevant contextual information to users search.