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Data is the foundation of a Digital World
We make sure it is sound and harnessed

The right decisions require a strong data foundation and data management expertise and capabilities. It is no longer enough just to manage the data; we create a foundation of truth to fully unlock its potential.

Intelligent Data Foundation

What we Offer


The biggest challenge in any analytical project is having data in the right format and shape which is generally consuming most of the project efforts. Trusted insight starts with a complete and sound data hence setting the right data culture and initiatives is the first step in the data journey to be able to gain the right and shared insights to support better decisions.

Akilityx supports organizations implement a scalable data framework, go through the following initial steps to create the truth foundation and start gaining meaningful business insights:

Data Integration, data preparation & Access

Organizations have many data and it is scattered everywhere. We help you Access the data you need and incorporate external data too, we assist you in turning big data into a valuable part of your data strategy and instantly locate the information where it resides. Akilityx helps you shape your data, prepare it and make it ready for the next steps.

Data Quality

You need to trust the data driving your organization. Akilityx helps you establish the highest levels of data quality to support your business processes. With data constantly flowing in and out of your business, we help you establish repeatable processes so you can build and maintain high-quality data and better understand data changes throughout the preparation, blending, and integration process.

Descriptive Analysis

Descriptive analytics provides perspective on “what-happened?” We help you in having a healthy and sound data foundation through the steps outlined above and assist you in:

– Building a single source of truth and data repository for your customers
– Building the relevant KPI’s for your business
– Providing the basis for descriptive analytics and dashboards and, providing you with a rich historical data foundation that is ready for further advanced analysis.